Summary of the water and sewage costs 2020


Summary of the water and sewage costs – Explanatory Notes ref charges effective from 1st January 2020:


  1. Water charges are as invoiced by South West Water to Lansdowne Park annually to October, less an estimated allowance used by the park for business use.
  2. Likewise, sewage costs incurred are based upon invoices of appropriate direct costs less consumption used by Lansdowne Park. Included are charges of contractors instructed to empty and service sewerage systems, any fees paid to Environment Agency, and any direct costs.
  3. All costs will be apportioned based on the previously agreed occupancy rate formula arrived a consultation requested by residents so that single occupiers pay less sewage and water costs.
  4. Each resident is eligible to South West Water £50 rebate for April 2019 – April 2020. As from 2020, this rebate will be included by adjustment of the water costs per home, as stated in last year’s summary and is included in the figures below.


The water and sewage costs for 2019-20:


Water Bills – water ex sewage costs for the purpose of clarity. For the period Oct 18-19, these amounted to £4,706 .


Specific Invoiced Sewage Costs including Environmental Agency Fee – £3,308 to be included in recoverable costs in Section C of pitch fee review form for the purposes of transparency.


Summary of Charges to apply 2020 (after rebate £50 has been applied to each household)


Water (after £50 rebate applied)SewageCombined
£ pa£pcm£pa£pcm£pa£pcm


Since Lansdowne Park is currently the only user of treatment plant, 100% of these costs are passed to Lansdowne Park. Costs will be proportionally reduced if other uses become connected to system.  The charge per household has reduced significantly due to a number of factors including the new homes spreading the costs.  Due to handling costs of cheques, this year all rebates will be used to adjust water and sewage costs charged.


Susan Yorkas 20/10/2019.

Chris Holmes Returns to Work this Week

We are happy to announce that Chris Holmes will be returning to work this week but on a phased basis. Due to the nature of his injury, Chris will be restricted to  light duties only. Please therefore please be aware that should any heavier work including lifting and physically demanding tasks be required, these will scheduled depending on urgency and  may have to wait or be passed onto other contractors.

Welcome back Chris,


Susan and Kelvin

Highways UK working on Site

As some of the residents on site may have noticed, ground works are  starting in and around plot 35 in order to repair the drainage installation at the rear of this and several other plots. Highways UK are in the process of replacing some of the drainage pipe that runs along the water course of the boundary between the park and Wheal Rose Caravan Park. Please be aware and patient if there are delays in movement of any traffic on site. These are essential works following the failure of the drainage system last November 2018. If you have any specific problems please contact kelvin the park manager on 077886613349 for assistance. If at any time we are informed that access to any part of the park may be limited, we will post this information on the web here and also the site notice board.

Warm Home allowance of £140- are you eligible for help towards heating costs?

Charis Grants has just confirmed that the Park Homes Warm Home Discount Scheme has now reopened and will be available for around two weeks.


Please advise homeowners and tenants to apply as soon as possible to see if they are eligible for the one-off contribution of £140 towards their winter energy costs by calling the Charis team on 0330 555 9424.


Attached please find an updated notice to let homeowners know about the Park Homes Warm Home Discount Scheme 2018/2019.

Notice for Park Homes Warm Home Discount – Updated 230119