Grants to replace boilers.

Thanks to the UK Governments Energy Company Obligations (ECO) Scheme in 2017, qualifying Park Home owners and tenants could have their old boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised.

What’s on offer

Free grant funding for:

  • Replacement of a new energy efficient LPG boiler
  • Replacement of a new energy efficient oil boiler
  • Replacement of a new electric storage heaters
  • Upgrade heating controls

Lansdowne Park does not endorse this offer but thought it may be on interest to residents.



AED fully operational- located on external wall to office by disused red telephone box.

I have highlighted some of the points that I thought would be of interest personally to residents on Lansdowne Park- see below. However to appreciate the full range of features and benefits that the Powerheart G5 incorporates, you may find accessing our short product video of interest. This can be accessed via the following web link.

There is also  access online G5 CardiAcademy; this can be accessed via the following web link where  potential rescuers (be they formally trained or not ) will find useful information about what happens to the heart when they go into Cardiac Arrest and effective resuscitation by combining quality CPR  with customized therapy  delivered by the Powerheart G5.

Also  the following url’s will take you to the Red Cross website and show you 2 very short videos of how to use a defibrillator and put people in the recovery position.




The videos show an adult patient and you’ll see that when doing cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) they are using 2 hands locked together with straight elbows and are leaning directly over the patient: remember that for a child (1-8yrs) you use just one hand, and for a baby (1-12months) just 2 fingers.  The defib is never used on a baby, and for a child the pads are put in the centre of the chest and in the centre of the back.  Adults have the pads diagonally across the chest as shown on the pads themselves. There is also a sheet for  8Ps for ensuring no harm to the patient or operator when the defibrillator is used.

I will propose that an informal familiarisation / training  session be arranged for those who would like to obtain more information.



St Agnes Parish NDP Responses required by 8/6/2018

You may have received the  –St Agnes Leaflet– which outlines  the recent Pre Submission Consultation

Your opinion is sought but please can you reply by 8/6/2018. This is your chance to have your say. I would also point out that I have proposed that funding from a local allocations of funds is sought to help with remediation to the lane from the top road down to the entrance of Lansdowne Park. Please can you take up your civic right to make comments.



Local Parish Council Highways Budget for local Projects

I have been researching ways to try and assist with funding for pothole remediation for the access road to Lansdowne Park from the main top road to our entrance. At a meeting tonight the local authority is seeking to consider suitable projects funding by a local budget. I will contact the clerk (please feel free to do so as well by email ) but I would encourage  any one wishes to attend to make representation concerning item 17  on the agenda. 

I understand that once a list has been generated  that this will be the basis for discussion for a short list to be compiled at a meeting on 17th May and allocation of funds following the Meeting on June 4th.




How we process your personal information under GDPR

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation,  (or GDPR for short),  means that from May 25th 2018, you’ll have more control over your data. We see this an opportunity to ensure that our service to occupiers on the Park is improved. We will publish further information and  have updated out Park Privacy Statement to reflect part of this process. We have  published a Fair Processing Notice which will also be placed on our web site and also in paper format in the office.

Fire Notice (Updated for Feb 2018)

These notices , N80 2018 , will be circulated on site but are posted here for reference with important messages  about fire safety.

Fire Notice Update – Heat Detectors

We circulate notices periodically to alert residents of safety issues, including most importantly fire risks.  Technology has improved and now very inexpensive smoke alarms and heat detectors are available.  One reason smoke alarms are not used properly is that they can be triggered by normal home activities that create steam and smoke (bathrooms and kitchens), therefore an alternative such as a heat detector in the kitchen can be an extra safety alarm, especially as many fires start in the kitchen.  For anyone who has hearing impairment alarms can also be purchased to be effective in this instance.

Another frequent source of  electrical fires is from overloaded sockets. Inexpensive replacement sockets to include USB charging output for mobile phones etc can be an easy way to free up sockets. Check with your electrician if you have any doubts about your electricity supply and to make any additions.

Difibrillator (AED) coming soon


As a consequence of a contribution of a generous donation and through park funding , a AED unit will be installed on Lansdowne Park shortly.

For a guide to the proposed unit and operation see:

The key points of this unit are:

  • Simple operation for infrequent minimally trained rescuer
  • Medical grade battery with a four year unconditional replacement guarantee, ( we will replace it free of charge if it runs out any time before the four year period)
  • It has a large text screen, that duplicates the voice instructions, making it easy to use in a noisy environment or by hearing impaired rescuers. The text screen also presents key information to the emergency services (number of shocks delivered and rescue time)
  • Variable escalating energy from 95 Joules to 354 Joules
  • The outer case is a vivid orange to ensure easy of viability and constant awareness.
  • Rigorous self check regime; daily, weekly and monthly checks pad presence/capability, battery capability and internal circuitry/software.
  • Robust construction, with a drop test of 1.22 meters and the highest possible IP 55 rating for moisture and dust.

Also offered is  a free to access online G5 CardiAcademy; this can be accessed via the following web link where  potential rescuers (be they formally trained or not ) will find useful information about what happens to the heart when they go into Cardiac Arrest and effective resuscitation by combining quality CPR  with customized therapy  delivered by the Powerheart G5.

I will provide further information and details when the unit has been installed. Initially we proposed to locate the unit by the current office near to the red telephone box where power is available . If anyone wishes further information please speak to the Park manager or me. Susan Yorkas.

Access Road to Lansdowne

The St Agnes Parish Neighbourhood plan settlement boundary Consultation allows local residents to comment about the proposed extension of the settlement area to include Wheal Rose. This gives you the chance to comment about the condition of the road which serves Wheal Rose. Please feel feel to make comments as to date whilst I have extensively researched the position, the owner of the access road has not been identified. For documents distributed locally see: planning settlement bounday