Water Supply Disruption Wednesday 16 Sept 2020

Essential Work is being undertaken on the water supply and it may need to be disconnected for a short period estimated between 11-1 pm on Wednesday 16th September. Please call Kelvin 07788661349  for further details. Please fill you kettles and have a spare jug of water. Ensure you do not use appliances which need a water supply.

Thank you for your cooperation. Susan Yorkas




Please Engage with NHS track and trace.

The national initiative to try and  control  the spread of Covid 19 includes the NHS track and trace system. If you suspect you may have caught the virus or receive a call  from an NHS contact tracer (it will be an 0300 number), please follow instructions. For details see NHS track  and Trace.119  is the number to call for a test, or book on line by following the link above

Who can get a test

You can get a test:

  • for yourself, if you have coronavirus symptoms now (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • for someone you live with, if they have symptoms
  • if you live in England and have been told to have a test before you go into hospital, for example, for surgery
  • if your local council asks you to get a test

You will never be asked to pay and so be aware that there are scams suggesting you need a test but must pay. This is not the case.

Green Home Grant Deals

On 8th July Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the £2 billion Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme (GHGVS) which allows eligible households in England to receive vouchers worth up to £5,000 to spend on various green initiatives in the home. Later on this month (August), homeowners (including park home owners)  will be able to go the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website and get advice about which energy saving measure would suit them best.

You’ll then be sent a list of TrustMark or (MCS) registered tradespeople (schemes which list approved construction workers by the government) in your local area to carry out the work, the Government will hand out vouchers from the end of September.

Be wary, a number of website have been set up already stating that you can claim your Voucher through them, this is not the case voucher application is ONLY available via Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website, also if you’ve been called saying you’re eligible for a Green Homes Grant this is fake. Fraud prevention scheme Cifas says it’s received reports of scammers trying to con people out of money by pretending to be part of the scheme.

Wheal Rose Caravan Site Reopens- message of reassurance from neighbours.

Dear Lansdowne neighbours,

We will be opening the park on Friday the 10th of July and I know that many of you will be worried about this during the pandemic.  We do understand, and we wanted to reassure you that we have taken many precautions so that we open as safely as possible, not just for ourselves and our customers but for the surrounding area too.

Alongside our enhanced cleaning protocols and changes to our shop and reception we have reduced our pitch capacity and have turned away a number of larger bookings that could make social distancing more difficult. All customers have had lengthy communications about being COVID aware whilst here, and like everywhere, we have a lot of signs around the place now too.

Finally, thank you for the many kind words of encouragement you have given us over the last few difficult months, it has meant such a lot to us.

Nicol & Simon Clayton

Wheal Rose Caravan & Camping Park

Safety Measures – check your alarms regularly – if faulty replacement Carbon Monoxide and Combined Smoke Alarms available at Office at small cost.

Whilst the weather is improving and summer is upon us, the need for heating homes is dwindling. However remaining ever vigilant against fire and other risks is very important. Organising boiler checks and other routine maintenance may had slipped or you are self isolating .  In absence of these inspections please ensure your undertake your routine alarm checks. If any alarms are found faulty we have made spare alarms available (Carbon monoxide – £15 and combined Smoke and Carbon Monoxide £20). If you need a spare please contact Chris Holmes – 07483220448 by text, phone or email as normal. Please do not pay by cash, but by cheque to Lansdowne Park or by BACS. Chris can then drop any items them to your doorstep.

Susan Yorkas


Lock Down Lifting- please do not think we have been given the all clear !

Yes it would be wonderful to think we could all return to normality and lead our lives as we did before the Covid 19 Pandemic started. But gradually we are are being advised in accordance with government guidelines that we should follow the following rules. Many of the residents on the park may be classified as vulnerable and need shielding. We must ALL be aware of this fact. Visitors, friends and family must respect precautions in place and act accordingly. 


Advice for reducing risk of infection

The best advice and action for reducing the risk of infection and the spread of the virus remains the same:

  • Maintain social distancing of at least two metres as much as possible

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water

    and avoid touching your face

  • If you cough or sneeze, catch it, bin it, kill it. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow – and then wash your hands

  • Protect the clinically vulnerable and shielding members of the community by staying away

  • At the first sign of illness, request a test at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus.

Cornwall Council have advice on line at: https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/public-health-cornwall/information-about-coronavirus-covid-19/


Lockdown Lifesaver- Safe Use of AED- how to do CPR in Corona Pandemic

In todays strange situation social distancing is a requirement. However under these conditions it  would be somewhat a challenge to administer CPR. For this reason a pack will be provided from May 11th in the AED cabinet with basic mask, gloves , hand sanitiser and a cotton cloth  to place over any victim’s mouth and face. NO MOUTH TO MOUTH RESUSCITATION SHOULD BE ATTEMPTED. I attach the instruction sheet which will be posted on the notice board and well as to be included on the pack. In the first instance 999 should be called in any event.

Charity releases urgent COVID update for how do CPR during Coronavirus pandemic (2)

Message of Support

These are unsettling times and COVID 19 is clearly impacting on all our lives, fellow residents and loved ones. I wanted to wish all of you who are helping to support one another on the park all the best and thank you for your efforts. To get through this difficult time please be as considerate as possible and whilst not putting oneself at risk help where you can but respect social distancing and government directives. 

Please take care and try and remain positive. It is challenging for park management to operate under these conditions and therefore we have asked that you contact us by email, text and telephone if you have a query. Chris will deal with general maintenance  (as normal) to ensure that Lansdowne Park premises are maintained. The office is not open but you have our address at Weston super Mare and also email which  is probably the best form of written communication. I am confident that we will get through this together and do feel free to telephone Kelvin as park manager if you have any problems- 077886661349. Cornwall Council can help with volunteers on 01872 266988. You can also ring 01872 266383 . If you have any problems paying bills, utility or council tax queries make contact with them to arrange how to cope as these organisations all have support teams in place to assist.

Susan Yorkas