Difibrillator (AED) coming soon


As a consequence of a contribution of a generous donation and through park funding , a AED unit will be installed on Lansdowne Park shortly.

For a guide to the proposed unit and operation see:


The key points of this unit are:

  • Simple operation for infrequent minimally trained rescuer
  • Medical grade battery with a four year unconditional replacement guarantee, ( we will replace it free of charge if it runs out any time before the four year period)
  • It has a large text screen, that duplicates the voice instructions, making it easy to use in a noisy environment or by hearing impaired rescuers. The text screen also presents key information to the emergency services (number of shocks delivered and rescue time)
  • Variable escalating energy from 95 Joules to 354 Joules
  • The outer case is a vivid orange to ensure easy of viability and constant awareness.
  • Rigorous self check regime; daily, weekly and monthly checks pad presence/capability, battery capability and internal circuitry/software.
  • Robust construction, with a drop test of 1.22 meters and the highest possible IP 55 rating for moisture and dust.

Also offered is  a free to access online G5 CardiAcademy; this can be accessed via the following web link where  potential rescuers (be they formally trained or not ) will find useful information about what happens to the heart when they go into Cardiac Arrest and effective resuscitation by combining quality CPR  with customized therapy  delivered by the Powerheart G5.


I will provide further information and details when the unit has been installed. Initially we proposed to locate the unit by the current office near to the red telephone box where power is available . If anyone wishes further information please speak to the Park manager or me. Susan Yorkas.