Fire Notice (Updated for Feb 2018)

These notices , N80 2018 , will be circulated on site but are posted here for reference with important messages  about fire safety.

Fire Notice Update – Heat Detectors

We circulate notices periodically to alert residents of safety issues, including most importantly fire risks.  Technology has improved and now very inexpensive smoke alarms and heat detectors are available.  One reason smoke alarms are not used properly is that they can be triggered by normal home activities that create steam and smoke (bathrooms and kitchens), therefore an alternative such as a heat detector in the kitchen can be an extra safety alarm, especially as many fires start in the kitchen.  For anyone who has hearing impairment alarms can also be purchased to be effective in this instance.

Another frequent source of  electrical fires is from overloaded sockets. Inexpensive replacement sockets to include USB charging output for mobile phones etc can be an easy way to free up sockets. Check with your electrician if you have any doubts about your electricity supply and to make any additions.