Flood on Lansdowne Park- Report and request for assistance from Residents.

In response to the flooding incident on Lansdowne Park, we have been working hard to deal with the work to start reparations. We are aware that it has caused some of the residents great distress and are working hard to deal with the issues arising.   We are working with both Highways England and Cornwall Council  not only to implement  remedial works, but also  with the longer term view to avoid flooding like this ever occurring again.  A report has been compiled here and I urge anyone who has any comments to come forward and be heard. This will also be distributed in paper form.

Should any flood emergency arise, details of contact details are available on the useful contact pages on the web site:  see https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/community-and-living/cornwall-fire-and-rescue-service-homepage/keeping-safe/flooding/

Park Management.