Green Home Grant Deals

On 8th July Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the £2 billion Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme (GHGVS) which allows eligible households in England to receive vouchers worth up to £5,000 to spend on various green initiatives in the home. Later on this month (August), homeowners (including park home owners)  will be able to go the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website and get advice about which energy saving measure would suit them best.


For up to date information look at the government web site here

You’ll then be sent a list of TrustMark or (MCS) registered tradespeople (schemes which list approved construction workers by the government) in your local area to carry out the work, the Government will hand out vouchers from the end of September.

Be wary, a number of website have been set up already stating that you can claim your Voucher through them, this is not the case voucher application is ONLY available via Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website, also if you’ve been called saying you’re eligible for a Green Homes Grant this is fake. Fraud prevention scheme Cifas says it’s received reports of scammers trying to con people out of money by pretending to be part of the scheme.