Legionnaires Disease- Please check your plumbing!

Residents on Lansdowne Park are generally in the  higher risk category due to the age criteria that they must be over 50 years old. Other health conditions can also increase of this and other infections.  Prevention is always better than cure and therefore the following notes are to ensure that you take steps to avoid possibility of legionnaires disease (see NHS guidance).

Legionnaires is a serious lung related illness caused by bacteria which breeds in stagnant water and  is predominantly spread by droplets of water . In the household situation it is  shower heads that can be the point of  dispersal of  infection. So, to in order to eliminate  risks please follow some simple rules:

Ensure your water system is kept clean of rust, sludge and organic material which could support  bacterial growth.

Ensure that the cold water supply is kept below 20 C  and the hot water above 60 C

Remove any dead legs in the plumbing system in your home ( ie where pipes may have become redundant)

Clean shower heads at least every 6 months, and if your  shower has not be used for more than a week clean the shower head  and run through with hot water system several minutes.

As residents you are responsible for your own safety but this is a reminder for you to think about these matters. Should you be unsure about your system, please call your plumber who would be able to check your water system should you have any concerns.