Lost documentation such as Mobiles Homes Act Agreement


Due to the recent changes in procedure for the sale or gift of homes on Lansdowne Park, we as site owners are less involved in the sales process.  In the event of your  Mobiles Homes Act Agreement (also known as  Written Statement) not being available at the point of sale, delays can arise. Therefore should any resident wish us to take a file copy we are happy to do so at no cost.  The copy would be stored electronically and not used for any other purpose.  Should you wish to use this service please complete a form from the office and hand over the document to the park manager when he is on site. The document will be returned within a few weeks once copied.  There is no obligation for you to do this but it may help to avoid delays in the future. If you cannot find your Written Statement and wish a substitute please complete this form mplpadmin -lost doc .