Notice Board and Announcements

Warm Home allowance of £140- are you eligible for help towards heating costs?

Charis Grants has just confirmed that the Park Homes Warm Home Discount Scheme has now reopened and will be available for around two weeks.


Please advise homeowners and tenants to apply as soon as possible to see if they are eligible for the one-off contribution of £140 towards their winter energy costs by calling the Charis team on 0330 555 9424.


Attached please find an updated notice to let homeowners know about the Park Homes Warm Home Discount Scheme 2018/2019.

Notice for Park Homes Warm Home Discount – Updated 230119


Flood on Lansdowne Park- Report and request for assistance from Residents.

In response to the flooding incident on Lansdowne Park, we have been working hard to deal with the work to start reparations. We are aware that it has caused some of the residents great distress and are working hard to deal with the issues arising.   We are working with both Highways England and Cornwall Council  not only to implement  remedial works, but also  with the longer term view to avoid flooding like this ever occurring again.  A report has been compiled here and I urge anyone who has any comments to come forward and be heard. This will also be distributed in paper form.

Should any flood emergency arise, details of contact details are available on the useful contact pages on the web site:  see

Park Management.




Grants to replace boilers.

Thanks to the UK Governments Energy Company Obligations (ECO) Scheme in 2017, qualifying Park Home owners and tenants could have their old boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised.

What’s on offer

Free grant funding for:

  • Replacement of a new energy efficient LPG boiler
  • Replacement of a new energy efficient oil boiler
  • Replacement of a new electric storage heaters
  • Upgrade heating controls

Lansdowne Park does not endorse this offer but thought it may be on interest to residents.



AED fully operational- located on external wall to office by disused red telephone box.

I have highlighted some of the points that I thought would be of interest personally to residents on Lansdowne Park- see below. However to appreciate the full range of features and benefits that the Powerheart G5 incorporates, you may find accessing our short product video of interest. This can be accessed via the following web link.

There is also  access online G5 CardiAcademy; this can be accessed via the following web link where  potential rescuers (be they formally trained or not ) will find useful information about what happens to the heart when they go into Cardiac Arrest and effective resuscitation by combining quality CPR  with customized therapy  delivered by the Powerheart G5.

Also  the following url’s will take you to the Red Cross website and show you 2 very short videos of how to use a defibrillator and put people in the recovery position.




The videos show an adult patient and you’ll see that when doing cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) they are using 2 hands locked together with straight elbows and are leaning directly over the patient: remember that for a child (1-8yrs) you use just one hand, and for a baby (1-12months) just 2 fingers.  The defib is never used on a baby, and for a child the pads are put in the centre of the chest and in the centre of the back.  Adults have the pads diagonally across the chest as shown on the pads themselves. There is also a sheet for  8Ps for ensuring no harm to the patient or operator when the defibrillator is used.

I will propose that an informal familiarisation / training  session be arranged for those who would like to obtain more information.



St Agnes Parish NDP Responses required by 8/6/2018

You may have received the  –St Agnes Leaflet– which outlines  the recent Pre Submission Consultation

Your opinion is sought but please can you reply by 8/6/2018. This is your chance to have your say. I would also point out that I have proposed that funding from a local allocations of funds is sought to help with remediation to the lane from the top road down to the entrance of Lansdowne Park. Please can you take up your civic right to make comments.