Notice Board and Announcements

Reminder of instructions of what you can and can’t do in current Coronavirus Lockdown Conditions.

We all find ourselves in difficult circumstances. The government has written to us all explaining what we should, and shouldn’t be doing. There have be cases of family visitors to the park. On the frequently asked questions (FAQs) published on the government web site  there are clear instructions: Family members should not be visiting relatives other than to drop on shopping and medication. The guidelines specifically state that you should not go inside the homes of anyone you do not live with with, especially vulnerable people. Keeping the 6 feet distance from them is important and to avoid all contact. Support via telephone and other media should be considered rather than in homes. STAY AT HOME AND SAVE LIVES. 

For details please see


Health Guidelines for Flu and other virus infections such as Covid-19.

Public Information Materials – updated on 20.02.2020

This is public health advice about how you can help stop the spread of viruses, like coronavirus (COVID-19), by practicing good respiratory and hand hygiene.

Please be aware that this is an evolving situation and public advice may change. Materials will be updated and changed as appropriate so please check for the latest version.

As a precaution please note the following campaign promoted by the NHS.

No Cold callers

From time to time there are reports of door-to-door salespeople cold-calling homeowners on residential parks attempting to sell (sometimes unnecessary) items/services at unreasonably high prices. Some, mainly elderly, homeowners have bought something which they later discover is unnecessary and overpriced.

Homeowners should  be vigilant. A ‘no cold-callers sign’ is attached to this email which can be printed out and given to homeowners to place on their front doors to deter cold-callers. nocoldcallers


Hoping this is of assistance.  Susan Yorkas

Access Road Closure next week

Please note that a contractor on behalf of Highways UK plan to  resurface part of the access road to Lansdowne Park on  5 , 6 or 7th Feb 2020 subject to weather and  the contractor’s availability. It is estimated that the road with be closed to both pedestrians and vehicles for a period of up to 5 hours. Should you need to discuss logistics if you need to leave the park during the time of closure please call Kelvin on 0778866139, or speak to Chris Holmes. We will display roadside  notices as soon as we have further news as to the precise date and also provide details  on line. 

Gas Safety Tips

With the New Year make sure one of your resolutions is to make sure all your gas appliances  in your home are  checked every year and are safe to use.

Make sure your engineer is qualified, or if you need to find someone a gas safe registered engineer follow the link


Home Solution Service from Cornwall Council

The Home Solutions Team includes our handy people, occupational therapists and housing support officers.  

We work across Cornwall offering solutions that can help people stay safe at home. This includes:

  • Adapting their home
  • Providing them with equipment
  • Financial advice and assistance
  • Moving to more suitable and appropriate accommodation

Our aim is to support people’s independence

Our handy people provide help with household maintenance and repairs for people over 60 or have a disability.

Our housing support team can offer practical advice on how people can stay in their home and where they may be able to find funding if they need their home adapted and can’t afford it.

Our occupational therapy team can provide advice and equipment and arrange minor and major adaptations for those people with a long term / chronic health condition. 

Please contact us for more information about any of our services.

We have a new Cornwall Home Solutions Policy with Appendices for 2016 – 2019

How much will it cost?

If in receipt of a means tested benefit, such as Guaranteed Pension Credit or Housing Benefit, it is £12 per hour including VAT + the cost of any materials. If not then it is £18 per hour including VAT.

How can I access the service?

Call 01872 224707 and we will take your details then your local Handyperson will call you back and make an appointment

Is there a waiting list?

Depending on demand we hope to be able to visit within 2 weeks although it can sometimes be longer.

What sort of jobs will the Handyperson help me with?

They can help with minor repairs and adaptations in the home, including:

  • Small building repairs, clear guttering on bungalows, small glazing jobs
  • Minor adaptations (installation of grab rails, hand rails or temporary ramps)
  • “Odd” jobs (putting up curtain rails and shelves, moving furniture, assembly of flat pack furniture)
  • Changing washers or taps, renew sealants, replace toilet seats, small areas of tiling, unblock sinks
  • General home safety checks with remedial action (fitting smoke and carbon dioxide detectors)
  • Replacing electrical fittings such as sockets, light fittings
  • Falls/accident prevention checks with remedial action (securing loose carpets or putting up grab rails)
  • Security checks with remedial action (fitting key safes, spy holes, window and door locks and chains)
  • Energy efficiency (for example installing low energy light bulbs, draught proofing)
  • Loft clearance to allow for insulation to be fitted
  • Cleaning pathways to minimise risk of slip hazard
  • Signposting clients to other services

This service does not include gardening  but AGE UK has vetted services which includes gardening, tel 01872 266383. 

Are you eligible for help with gas safety checks and servicing?

Cornwall Council has received Gas Safe Charity Grants to help eligible homeowners to be Gas Safe. Call the Cornwall Home Solutions Team on 01872 224707 to see if you could be helped.

We can arrange for a local Gas Safe contractor to carry out work at the home of successful applicants. The type of work funded by Gas Safe are gas safety checks, gas servicing, gas boiler repairs or work on gas cookers, fires, pipework or water heaters.

Summary of the water and sewage costs 2020

Summary of the water and sewage costs – Explanatory Notes ref charges effective from 1st January 2020:

  1. Water charges are as invoiced by South West Water to Lansdowne Park annually to October, less an estimated allowance used by the park for business use.
  2. Likewise, sewage costs incurred are based upon invoices of appropriate direct costs less consumption used by Lansdowne Park. Included are charges of contractors instructed to empty and service sewerage systems, any fees paid to Environment Agency, and any direct costs.
  3. All costs will be apportioned based on the previously agreed occupancy rate formula arrived a consultation requested by residents so that single occupiers pay less sewage and water costs.
  4. Each resident is eligible to South West Water £50 rebate for April 2019 – April 2020. As from 2020, this rebate will be included by adjustment of the water costs per home, as stated in last year’s summary and is included in the figures below.

The water and sewage costs for 2019-20:

Water Bills – water ex sewage costs for the purpose of clarity. For the period Oct 18-19, these amounted to £4,706 .

Specific Invoiced Sewage Costs including Environmental Agency Fee – £3,308 to be included in recoverable costs in Section C of pitch fee review form for the purposes of transparency.

Summary of Charges to apply 2020 (after rebate £50 has been applied to each household)

Water (after £50 rebate applied)SewageCombined
£ pa£pcm£pa£pcm£pa£pcm

Since Lansdowne Park is currently the only user of treatment plant, 100% of these costs are passed to Lansdowne Park. Costs will be proportionally reduced if other uses become connected to system.  The charge per household has reduced significantly due to a number of factors including the new homes spreading the costs.  Due to handling costs of cheques, this year all rebates will be used to adjust water and sewage costs charged.

Susan Yorkas 20/10/2019.

Chris Holmes Returns to Work this Week

We are happy to announce that Chris Holmes will be returning to work this week but on a phased basis. Due to the nature of his injury, Chris will be restricted to  light duties only. Please therefore please be aware that should any heavier work including lifting and physically demanding tasks be required, these will scheduled depending on urgency and  may have to wait or be passed onto other contractors.

Welcome back Chris,


Susan and Kelvin