Notice Board and Announcements

October 24th 2016. Work on Park- possible vehicular disruption.

As previously indicated a new sewage treatment plant is to be installed on Lansdowne Park. The equipment for this system should arrive on October 24th 2016. It is envisaged that there may be  disruption to the access roads as a consequence. Notices are to circulated but it is recommended that any time dependent appointments be avoided on that day if you need to leave or have visitors on that  day. We have asked contractors to provide us with more specific details of expected arrival time of the large vehicles for this reason and should you have any concerns please contact the park manager Kelvin or Chris the week before 24th October. We apologise for any inconvenience but hope that you understand the reason and will work with us to avoid any problems.

Warm Discount Scheme for Winter 16-17

When we have just had a lovely few days of summer weather maybe it is not top of the list to check out if you are eligible to  receive Warm Home Discount of £140 this winter.  The allowance runs from July 10th 2016 for this coming winter 2016-17 . To find out more about eligibility, and what to do if you do not receive notification by letter,  check details on the government website in  the link given above. Applications must be made by 28 February 2017  .

Lost documentation such as Mobiles Homes Act Agreement


Due to the recent changes in procedure for the sale or gift of homes on Lansdowne Park, we as site owners are less involved in the sales process.  In the event of your  Mobiles Homes Act Agreement (also known as  Written Statement) not being available at the point of sale, delays can arise. Therefore should any resident wish us to take a file copy we are happy to do so at no cost.  The copy would be stored electronically and not used for any other purpose.  Should you wish to use this service please complete a form from the office and hand over the document to the park manager when he is on site. The document will be returned within a few weeks once copied.  There is no obligation for you to do this but it may help to avoid delays in the future. If you cannot find your Written Statement and wish a substitute please complete this form mplpadmin -lost doc .

Safety alert-Gas Regulators recall notice

Safety alert – Novacomet branded BP1803 LPG gas regulator manufactured by Clesse Industries  


Please read the attached Clesse Safety Notification-BP1803 and question and answer document , Clesse BP1803 Q and A 19012016forwarded to us by Clesse Industries. The notice advises of an immediate product recall on LPG regulator family BP1803 manufactured between June 2010 and September 2015.


Clesse Industries advise that following extensive testing, they have identified that in certain operational and environmental conditions the corrosion protection used on regulator range BP1803 may be compromised with a potential for the regulator to fail.


Any installed regulators can be identified using the description and pictures in the attached safety notice through a check whether the product is marked with ‘Novacomet BP1803’ with a manufacturing date between January 2010 and September 2015.


Clesse Industries can be contacted as follows:

·         Registration website and further information:

·         Recall Help Line: 0800 088 5545