Safety Measures – check your alarms regularly – if faulty replacement Carbon Monoxide and Combined Smoke Alarms available at Office at small cost.

Whilst the weather is improving and summer is upon us, the need for heating homes is dwindling. However remaining ever vigilant against fire and other risks is very important. Organising boiler checks and other routine maintenance may had slipped or you are self isolating .  In absence of these inspections please ensure your undertake your routine alarm checks. If any alarms are found faulty we have made spare alarms available (Carbon monoxide – £15 and combined Smoke and Carbon Monoxide £20). If you need a spare please contact David Peploe – 07956 421908 by text, phone or email as normal. Please do not pay by cash, but by cheque to Lansdowne Park or by BACS. David can then drop any items them to your doorstep.

Patrick Cash