Water Rates 15-16- rebate £50 to be paid in October 2015.

The £50  rebate over the course of  the year 15-16 due to all residents will be paid based on the same regime as last year. Lansdowne park  has not received any of this rebate for 15-16 as yet and will not until the next water bill is received around May 16 when the first of the quarterly instalments of the rebate of £12.50 per home is deducted from the bill. The rest of the rebate is then spread over the period  until  May 2016. Just under halfway through the payment cycle, ie in October 15,  I propose to apply the rebate 2 quarters in arrears and 2 quarters in advance as per last October 2014.  Those residents who move on/off the park  part way through the year will receive a proportional rebate for the year based on a daily rate of 13.69p per day. see here for government explanation of the rebate. Should you wish further information please contact S W Water or myself.  Susan Yorkas